About Search Appraisers

We are Appraisers Lab and we provide web design and app development for real estate appraisers. What we are not, is an AMC (appraisal management company), nor do we provide appraisal services.

Unlike every other project, SearchAppraiser.com was not part of a plan. No design, no development strategy and no launch date!

One of the features in this package seamlessly implements an interactive map search with the WordPress native post-type API.

The scope of this test was to create as many locations as possible and push the limits of this implementation until something bad happens!

Well we ran out of locations! We’ve created a page for each state, each county, each city and each zip code (US only). We were so pleased with the results, we decided to take it a step further. We gave it a name, opened it the public and made it free for everyone.

Today visitors throughout the United States can search from 66,000 appraisers across 52 States, 3,000 Counties and 41,000 Cities using industry specific filters.

Appraisers can create a free premium profile. They can elaborate on their services, expand their footprint, and reach more customers with their service area. Please visit our profile features and benefits page for more information.

As we are still new, some locations may not be linked to a valid appraisers profile. This disconnect will correct itself when new profiles are created.